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"The beauty of standing up for your rights is others see you standing and stand up as well."
- Cassandra Duffy
"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
- Abraham Lincoln

The LGBTIQ YOUTH NET project is tackling the rising issue of online anti-LGBTIQ hate speech, which affects the mental health and well-being of vulnerable youth. With over 84% of youth recognising the presence of online anti-LGBTIQ hate speech, and more than 91% feeling threatened by it, there's an urgent need to equip these individuals with the skills to combat this form of hate speech. Amidst a digital landscape that has amplified such issues, the project aims to foster resilience, promote inclusivity, and create safer online spaces for youth, especially those within the LGBTIQ community.

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Project Activities

Reach and Teach Toolkit towards combating LGBTIQ hate speech online

We aim to study the issues and prospects young people face with online anti-LGBTIQ hate speech. Our findings will contribute to a Reach and Teach Toolkit. This toolkit will offer practical methods and insights to youth educators, enhancing their ability to work effectively in this field.

Stopping the hate speech through Training and Connect

We will create user-friendly Open Education Resources and a guide for educators on inclusive teaching methods. It will also host an international training event for youth and educators, using these resources to combat anti-LGBTIQ online hate speech. The goal is to significantly improve knowledge, skills, and resilience in both educators and youth.

A Seat at the Table for LGBTIQ and non-LGBTIQ Youth

We aim to give young people and educators a platform for networking and discussion through Local Assemblies and an online Digital Hub. The project will produce a guidebook for setting up LGBTQ youth assemblies and will initiate at least four such assemblies in various countries. These assemblies will develop action plans to combat online anti-LGBTIQ hate speech. The Digital Hub will facilitate knowledge sharing and peer support. The expected outcome is increased resilience and digital skills among young people, as well as enhanced teaching strategies for educators.

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